LIG: Living Income Guaranteed and Weapons Production

warFrom the  documentary film Legalize Democracy

The most dangerous threat to democracy in the United States of America is the mistaken belief that they actually practice one… because democracy is not a noun, it’s a verb. “Demos” means “the people”, and “kratia” means “rule”, so the word democracy means “the people rule.”   

Why do we produce weapons? Because of a perception of ‘not enough’ to ‘go around’ because of the perception of ‘ownership’,  thereby the need to ‘defend’ what one has purchased, brought about by the current money system.

Supply and demand is controlled by the governments and corporations to facilitate competition and profit, to control prices and control the ‘market’ which is you, the consumer . If we all had what we needed there would be nothing to ‘protect’ in the form of ownership, no ‘lack’ mentality, no fear for survival and  no competition. There would be no lack and therefore no need to be suspicious of each other.

One reason there is so much manipulation and mistrust between nations is the need for survival and we use resources , technology and agriculture to trade through the exchange of  money. The current starting point is not what is best for all or coming from a place of ‘one world’ ‘one race=earthling’ but of separation through ‘differences’ in race, religion, geography, class, physical appearance. This needs to change-the starting point needs to change!

When we consider each life equally it will be natural to examine the consequences of the mass production of weapons.  Whether it is a hand gun, a muti-million dollar jet or a nuclear bomb, it is clear the intention to human life is to harm and the cost incalculable.

A hand gun could be considered to be for ‘protection’, yes but why do you need protection? Most likely because you fear the theft of your property or money and this is because of the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.  Many people resort to stealing as a last resort to get money for necessities, drugs (addiction) and some through greed.  Theft cannot be tolerated but when one has all the necessities one needs to survive, crime of all kinds will immediately be reduced and eventually eradicated.

dawn-war_thumbAccording to an article from Global, world spending on nuclear weapons will surpass $1 Trillion dollars per decade.   Taken from the same article:

“Building upon the two definitive studies of U.S. nuclear weapons spending (Brookings Institution’s atomic audit: The cost and consequences of U.S. nuclear weapons since 1940 and Carnegie Endowment for international peace’s nuclear security spending: assessing costs, examining priorities), this report cast a wider net to capture the entire world’s spending on nuclear weapons programs. The principal finding:  a massive expenditure will be made over the next decade.”

In fact,  the world military expenditure in 2012 is estimated to have reached 1.756 trillion!

Stop the madness, feed your brothers and sisters, house them, hold them as your own.  Are we blind, have we no hearts?  What would Jesus do?  Love they neighbour as thyself.  Who is going to stop the insanity of this dangerous waste of resources, money, time, ‘brain’ power, manpower and life itself– if not you?   Please investigate LIG Living Income Guaranteed as a solution &  DAWN: Democracy Against War Now Join Us! 

As a last note:

Homeland Security has become a buzzword in the United States since 9/11.  But earth is our homeland!  We are all here together in this one closed system, one ecosystem, indeed one big circle called planet earth.  This is undeniable but we continue to ignore it.


Let’s continue educating ourselves and the world about the benefits of providing each other the ability to live in dignity.


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