LIG and Saving/Hoarding Money

LIG Money under the mattressWhy do we as humans hold onto money, hide money from each other, hoard money, save money?  I would say it is because we ‘know’ from experience, from our parents/society  and from the history/education systems, that ‘life’ is cruel. One day you are ‘fine’ but the next day you could be helpless if you loose your money, because in our world system, the way it is currently constructed–you need money to survive=food, shelter, healthcare. No money, no hope-devastation. Poverty, illness, death.

But is it ‘life’ that is cruel? No, it is the money system. Money is fleeting and precarious and can be lost-large amounts-easily and parents know this. If my child is ‘weak’= does not fit (mis-fit) into the accepted societal system of ‘work’, he/she will loose their job and security.  Therefore, I must put away money=family money to ‘protect’ their future. If my child is ‘strong’ =can keep a job in the system, but a risk taker, they could loose their money therefore I must put away family money for their future.  I will not tell others how much I have saved away, it is not their ‘business’ because, for one, there is inflation and when I am dead I don’t know how much it will cost for them to survive. If my child gets ‘divorced’ they could loose their money therefore I need to save/hide family money. If my child gets ill/hurt and they could not work , they could loose their money….

LIG mineIt’s all about survival. Parents feel it is their obligation to ‘protect’ their children. However, what is ‘well meaning’ turns into lessons in greed. “Work, be quiet and for God’s sake save your money…you don’t know what tomorrow will bring!”  Thus, we live in fear of the unknown, the unforeseen so it’s a every man for himself/his family mentality.

Interestingly, last week my son made the comment  that I seemed to be ‘happy’ with what I had. This observation after he had just heard the popular opinion of several members of his family and society that, in fact, the more money you have=the happier you’ll be. We both agreed this could be a dangerous trap, in that there is no ‘end’ to it, just HAPPIER, HAPPIER, HAPPIER…

I am not suggesting I do not have greed or fear of poverty, I do.  Definitely becoming more aware of these points as me!  Amazing. I fear having less than I need but understand that I DON’T NEED MORE THAN I NEED and that is actually very little !  My son and I talked about his point. Wonderful, common sense.

A LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) is a practical and sound solution.  A solution that is best for all. Within LIG each citizen (and children within the home)  will be provided the financial support to ensure all necessities for survival and a dignified life are in place. Money to have a home, to have food, to have clean water and to have proper health care, transportation, employment,  and the ability to be educated.  As well, all debt would be forgiven and to live debt free would be a  fundamental human right.

A Living Income for all  from birth until death.  Based on the fact that you are here as life, as we are all one and equal as physical beings here, we all deserve equal respect and consideration. Eliminate the need to stash away money, hoard, hide and lie to one another out of fear of survival for yourself and your family.  The human being is one family here on earth and as such we are the stewards of the animals, plants, oceans.  It is our responsibility to care for the animals, plants, oceans, etc. with respect and consideration.  However, first we must ensure all people on earth are provided for, this will create the necessary stability to ensure we can provide for the rest of the planet, instead of literally consuming it, out of self-interest.

Please read The Proposal

Within LIG work would be entertainment, think about it…if I had all I need to survive, what would I do to contribute?  WHAT I LOVE TO DO!  For me , this would be several things :   supporting and assisting others to apply their true potential as a human being, dog walking/animal care, cleaning/maintenance/interior design of various structures, some childcare,  writing music/playing/singing as entertainment to others.  I would also take my turn at tasks which are considered ‘less desirable’ like cleaning up the oceans full of garbage and plastic, whatever I could physically/practically manage.

Heaven on Earth!

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