LIG: The Right to Purchase Another Country’s Natural Resources

lig greed

Apparently, in this world  its ok to rape a poor nation of their jobs and natural resources if you have enough money, as what occurred in 2011 when  ‘Barrick Gold’  purchased Tanzania’s natural resource and in the 1990′s began mining.

In theory, Barricks arrival in the 1990′s was supposes to be a boon to the Tanzanian economy, pushing it toward development. But in reality, according to Linda McQuaig’s online ariticle in Common Dreams, Canada Mines African Discontent‘Tanzania has collected only a pittance in taxes and royalties from Barrick and other foreign multinationals through contracts that are shouded in secrecy. So although it sits on massive gold reserves worth more than $40 billion, Tanzania remains on of the world’s poorest countries. ….some 400,000 Tanzanians, who formerly mined for gold with nothing but their own pick and shovels have been left unemployed by the giant mining operations’.

So more than 1500 desperately poor and angry villagers, with machetes, rock and hammers, stormed the mining compound which led to the shooting death of 7 villagers. This kind of tragedy will occur when people are pushed to the limit (history has shown this time and again, yet we do not learn), cannot feed their families, feel completely invisible and so obviously taken advantage of. ‘The uprising occurred  after a government commission strongly urged imposing higher royalties and taxes on the foreign mining companies…the Canadian government intervened on the side of the multinational, pressuring the Tanzanian government and parliament to oppose the proposed reforms. ‘

Well you just got to protect the investor right?  Why?  I’m a Canadian, I don’t have any extra money to take advantage, oh I mean to ‘invest’ in any foreign mining operations.  The people that have the extra money to do so are wealthy already!  They don’t need more money, having all they need already in this world=enough to live a good and dignified life.  Probably 10% of the investors make 90% of the profit anyhow.  So the rich get richer, some evolution that is.

lig freedomHuman beings can be so vain and ignorant, they actually believe we are ‘evolving’ becoming ‘more’ when in reality only technology is becoming more advanced and we, as we have for thousands of years, are still raping, killing and stealing from each other through fear, greed and ignoring what is here in physical reality . Never do we actually ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. No, instead we largely ignore the human suffering of the many, we cower and remain silent while big business = the multi-national and national corporations  and governments tell us ‘how it is’.

By the way, where is the so coveted ‘free will’ and ‘free choice’ that human beings value so much for these Tanzanian families and workers?  It’s up to their own government to set that straight, some will argue. That is democracy.  No, that is democracy for the few and that is the result of greed and a misuse of capitalism.  It’s their countries/government’s own failure and they are free to change that. No, they are enslaved by human greed and fear and have little to no power over the almighty God of money, which comes down to the basic requirement of ones need to survive at all costs.

I invite you to educate yourself about another way we can co-exist in our world.   LIG, providing all with a living income from birth till death, where all are valued and considered equally.  Within LIG, this accepted practice of one country being able to purchase the natural resources of another country-just because they can because they have more money- will end.  In fact each country will be encouraged to nationalize it’s natural resources so all citizen benefit, as all the population are shareholders.

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Investigate the Proposal :

“The Living Income Guaranteed (“L.I.G.”) is a Proposal that addresses the immediate and pressing problem of massive world inequality. Current economic and political policies implemented to promote prosperity and the well-being of the world’s disenfranchised may have, to a degree, been able to facilitate economic growth, but the bounties of this growth have yet to reach those who most need it.
The Living Income Guaranteed will assist and support those individuals within society that find themselves in a disadvantaged position as a result of this structural ineffectiveness and inadequacy. The Living Income Guaranteed will provide Equal Opportunity for all; functioning as the medium through which nations will be able to remediate the most direct and negative effects of capitalism, while maintaining many of the unique strengths that such a system embodies. The Living Income Guaranteed will thus aid in balancing growth with sustainability; ensuring and securing Fundamental Human Rights for everyone.”

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Fundamental Human Rights

Join us in working together to ensure a future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, where we put an end to poverty, homelessness, starvation and inequality, where each and every being is guaranteed a living income which will ensure a dignified life.

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