Living Income Guaranteed & Vacations

life-is-waiting-for-you-equal-money-system-by-damian-ledesma-desteni-art_thumbEveryone deserves an annual vacation but vacations cost money, often a lot of money!  I live in an area where several people are in the fortunate (for them) financial position to take 2 or 3 vacations a year. I am often ‘embarrassed’ when asked , ‘Do you and your family have plans for the holidays?’  and then I give some excuse as to why we are ‘just staying home’. To be polite I return the question and more times than not feel ‘less than’ as they regale their plans to take the kids down south to some exotic island, a ‘Disney Cruise’,  ski at ‘Whistler’, go camping in northern Ontario or ‘just go to the cottage’.

I sometimes dare to fantasize about being able to afford a vacation/enjoy world travel each year but within a LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) this will be a reality.  Of course, you will have to manage your money responsibly and so put aside the amount you want to spend on vacation. However, you and all citizens will be guaranteed an annual income that is sufficient to cover all life necessities and a vacation is one of those necessities-a break, a rest to rejuvenate the mind/body/being!

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Let’s look at it practically. Which societies have the most political unrest of late?  The ones where the population have no say in political decision making because they live under strict rule of a dictatorship, military or capitalist imperialism, the ones where there is high unemployment and homelessness.  Who commits most of the crimes in society, as in theft, rape, murder?  The under privileged, poor.  Why?  Because they are consumed with FEAR of survival every second. Let’s face it , if you do not have money , you die. These people cannot afford a vacation to rest, an enjoyable healthy escape from life’s stress/responsibilities so some choose the less desirable alternative and gravitate toward alcohol or drugs, prostitution, organized crime, petty theft, at least it provides some temporary relief.  In the case of the addict, the person moves within and builds more and more fear, on the never ending hunt for money for the ‘fix’, which leads to desperate acts of crime.

Last time I looked Paris Hilton wasn’t too stressed out about how she was going to feed herself let alone which vacation ‘home’ she should purchase in the south of France. I wonder how many homes the American ‘movie stars’ and sports personalities own all over the world?  Plenty, that’s how many!  I’m not jealous, I’m disgusted. It’s not that I have anything personal against celebrities, it is the income inequality they represent that I am talking about here.  I do not accept and allow this in my world any longer therefore I am one vote for a new governing body, one where all will have the opportunity to have a massage on the beach, make lazy love to their partner, enjoy the best in fine dining and explore the caves across the lagoon the next morning.

No desperation but relaxation.  How about hiking in Scotland, a cruise in Alaska, a train ride through the Canadian Rockies, a lobster fest in a quaint Nova Scotia harbor town.  I could go on and on.  Beautiful Earth!

And so, within LIG we will all be free to move about/explore earth,  Please stand with us, investigate LivingIncome.Me and  dare to be free,  dare to have a life worth living, dare to take a stand and declare  ’None are free, until all are free!’

lig human rights

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