Why I Stand For A Living Income Guaranteed

LIG terroristWith the exception a few years throughout my life, I always ‘felt’ ‘knew’ that we are equal beings here on this earth. I felt strongly that any prejudice was ugly and wrong, that it was obviously wrong to have people with huge excess and others who end up on the street.

Even though I bought into the idea that the ‘poor people’ were different than me, I strongly suspected, long before I experienced it, poverty humiliates you and bring you down so that you ‘seem’ different but you are not.

I stand for a Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) because it is what is best for all in a sustainable and practical way.  Please read The Proposal 

I have been on this earth  for 53 years and am sadly and continually appalled by human stupidity and irresponsibility.  I no longer accept and allow myself to just ‘go about my business’ blindly living in self interest (and the interest of my ‘clan’/family/the ones I consider special to me) and ignore the rest of humanity, ignore massive human suffering because ‘it’s too big a problem and I can’t do anything about it.’

From The Proposal:  We require a paragidm shift  …The only way to move forward and bring about an actual improvement in society is to do things differently. To be able to do so, we require an openness for change – for innovation and creativity – for ‘out of the box thinking’. In Einstein’s words: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Within common sense, money is power in this world, money moves things, gets thing done. So if we recognize this, how will we change things?  The answer to that is;  through the political system of democracy, indeed one man one vote can change the world.  This means forming political parties which have LIG as their platform, within each country.  Firstly, we need to inform people that it is possible to correct the ineffective economic/government/education etc. systems of this world.  This is what I am doing in these blogs, directing you to read more/educate yourself about LIG.

I will work towards the implementation of LIG because that is what will practically empower us to change this world for the better. We all deserve life equally, we can all see we are equal as the physical flesh here.  So why allow the mind tell us otherwise?

lig war I stand for world equality because, only as one as equal, will we actually be able to experience ‘life’. As it is now people either suffer and starve, just get through it (the ‘journey’ they call ‘life’) in self interest and survival mode, live in war infested areas and get killed, or you are one of the lucky few who have got all the money which makes life comfortable, fun, full of adventure and beauty.

From:  LIG The Proposal:  Redirection of Military Budgets

…Spending vast amounts of public funds to finance military action under the guise of humanitarianism has no sensical meaning when at home such things as unemployment, poverty, inadequate education programs or health systems are common and increasingly problematic.

Why don’t we insist on everyone having the right to experience abundance and not just a few of us? Why don’t we insist on all of us experiencing what it truly means to be alive?  Why don’t we insist on everyone having the right to understand, explore and enjoy the earth, nature, the animal kingdom?

Heaven On Earth:  When will we realize there is nothing outside of ourselves that is going to save us!  No one and nothing is going to swoop us up into a heavenly existence at the end of our lives. No, we in fact must create that for ourselves, here on earth, by facing ourselves, facing what is here and changing it breath by breath. We must understand who we are as life as one as equal, no longer accepting allowing and separation/competition as in man against man.  We must transform the words ‘give unto another as you would like to receive’ into living words.  Then we will create a world where everyone lives like a millionaire.

Each one expressing themselves as life, as who they are in that moment. Then we will truly experience joy, as each one discovers something new and can’t wait to share it with everyone else, be it tangible or intangible. “Hey ,look I made this awesome new material that is sooo soft for babies”….today only the privileged get to have it. In my heaven on earth, every baby gets the best!

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