Living Income Guaranteed: What If There Is a Financial Collapse?

LIG 07-break-the-cycleHow will we respond in the possible event that the world’s financial markets, do indeed, collapse?  Will we panic and pick up weapons to defend what little we have left?  Will we band together to help our neighbor? There will be much fear and chaos, that is for sure. What would I do?  What does it mean?

To my understanding, this is what would or could happen: most-if not all-who have money invested in the stock market or bonds etc. will lose their money, the value of your home will diminish to the point of loss (you owe more than it is worth), you lose your job, pensions will be lost.  The elite will shout for all to ‘not lose hope’ insisting ‘we can re-build’ and indeed we could but why re-build the same system of capitalism (based on greed, indifference to your fellow man, hierarchy, business and governmental wealth/ control in the hands of the few) that caused the mess in the first place?

So to survive this financial collapse will not be a matter of keeping the assets/money you have or ‘getting back’ what you have lost.  To survive this you must let go of your ideas about assets/property ownership/social classes/hierarchy/ special or privileged groups of people on this planet.  We will finally have to (after being forced by losing everything) embrace what Jesus said, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ or vanish as a race by ensuing panic leading to war/famine/disease from our food and water. Yes, it could happen to you, not just ‘those poor people over there’.  What if you and your children were the next face of famine?

If there was a financial collapse, I would suggest for you to not vacate your home or apartment because the banks tell you to. I would not leave unless they picked me up and carried me out. I would have no where to go, like most. I will stock pile some food, lots of water, matches, batteries and other items for a typical survival kit. Will it be used, who knows?

To survive this financial collapse will take great courage and honestly, self-honesty.   Each person will have to face himself/herself, looking at where the current financial system of the world- the current capitalism- has led us and ask ourselves if we really want to create that again.

I heard an analogy the other day, that the world was like a big monopoly board and we’re just playing ‘life’ as game.  The winners are clear now, the elite, they’ve got all the property, resources, toys, vacations, all the pleasure, all the pie. The rest of of lost.  Ok, so let us now stop this game and wipe the board clean. We’ll have a break and write some new rules. This time we’ll change the rules.  Yes we can, we can change the laws and rules.

LIG 05-making_payment_thumb

Let us work toward re-building a new system, a new world, which is based on best for all principles and not who can ‘win’ at the game of life, here on earth. I don’t care who can win and I will not accept and allow  a ‘new, improved’ version of the past to emerge from the wreckage of a financial collapse. The new world must be based on equality in fact and not based on charity.  All will live as one and equal in harmony with all life, as in nature and the animals. Separation will reign no more, there will be stillness of mind and a true peace on earth.

Who the hell am I to make such preposterous statements? I am one being here, who is standing up and saying ‘no more’. I am standing up with a group of people at The Equal Life Foundation and we are proposing a new Money System for our planet so that human greed never again rules as our god. If some of this makes sense to you, please investigate Living Income Guaranteed.

There is a solution.  Day by day.  Person by person.  Please join us and be a part of an exciting movement: equality, dignity, support for all of life.
LIG happySupport the Equal Life Foundation and the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal  to start and create the change that is needed to live the principle of ‘best for all life’, which will always be best for you.


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