We are All Living our Own Religion of Self: So How’s That Working For Us?

child gazareligionIn this time of massive and increasing unrest:  war, displacement of populations, civilian uprisings world wide, we as the human race, will be forced to face our religion of self; how we have been existing in self interest, in and as the mind.

Our excuse for ignoring the suffering of millions?  Survival of the fittest, apparently it is ok to just take care of myself/my family, even if I make a billion dollars I can ‘keep’ it and not share because I am superior/more fit than my fellow man as I earned/received more money=God on earth, than my fellow man. I have my private/secret mind, so lots of ‘company’ as inner dialogue to soothes my guilty heart, these are my unlimited thoughts, justifications, denials, spites, competitions and comparisons.  My mind is all based on separation, meaning what I think/who I am on the inside and what I do in my actions/who I am on the outside, does not directly effect another human being. But is this true?

In this private religion of self, one does not have to face the common sense practicalities/facts in this world for the reasons some people have sufficient or an abundance of money while others have nothing and suffer. Some of these reasons would be where I was born, my parents and grandparents wealth, my ability to be educated, my access to proper nutrition and medical expertise, the mental state of my parents while they are raising me-are they well rested, over-stressed, able to pay the bills?  Also, the religion I was born into and exposed to, cultural practices, all of these factors have a direct effect on my ability to make money in this physical reality.   In our secret mind we think, ‘Thank god that isn’t me or my family. I’m so grateful that god has blessed me’.  Hmmm…so god picks and chooses?  Like a game ‘suffer, not suffer’ or is god up there dumbfounded like, ‘what are these idiots doing, are they blind!?’

Charity is another sad excuse for us not taking responsibility for what we have created on earth. It seems that the on going status quo of charity is acceptable to most in this world. But it does not and will not solve the literal ‘hell on earth’ that is ‘life’ for millions of people. Charity does not properly address or put an end to the root causes of starvation, rape, poverty, sex-slavery, prostitution, famine, war, violence, domestic-violence, child and animal abuse etc. It merely provides a band-aid. What and who will end hell on earth?  Only us, here.

If there is a god, he/she/it is clearly leaving it in our hand to fix, isn’t that obvious?  What do you lig warthink this god is going to say when you cross over upon death?  That it was ok we turned a blind eye, we threw up our hands individually and collectively?

Please look at the photo I have placed within this blog. Your pain is not greater than another’s pain, this is a simple statement. It is so clear, the message is clear and simple. It matters not to these children that you have some grand theory about their ‘fate’/’lot’ in life or ‘lessons’ they and you are here to learn. They are suffering this moment, they are in pain. Your thoughts are but excuses/justifications to do nothing, take no direct responsibility.

We must STOP. Not tomorrow but today, this very moment. Stop the mind as your self created religion, kill your ego as your created life story and birth yourself ‘here’ as life in the physical. Live what is best for all and not in self interest of ego. Of course we can end war and starvation, we need to implement a new money system and build a new distribution system so that the earth’s resources and wealth are shared in a fair/equitable way, so all may live a dignified life . It will take time and great effort.

My self religion continually tells me I am lacking (even though I have all I need!), I don’t deserve a life of abundance , people/men will always leave me,   I must be fearful of lack of money each day, I must ‘worry’ , I must obsess and I can find comfort in alcohol, pills, food and somewhat my children, I cannot trust myself, I should get a traditional ‘job’ and on and on it goes. It tells me I need to buy a cottage, it’s not fair I don’t have a cottage (although I have a home) because all my ‘peers’ have one, I should get plastic surgery, new clothes, travel, have a husband that earns a higher income, blah, blah, blah.  Greed, jealousy, great fear; these things are a part of my self religion.  Also kindness and charity for the ‘poor unfortunates’ who have less than myself and my ‘lucky’ family. But don’t give too much, don’t leave yourself short, just a little, there, yes , you are a ‘good’ person. Now, no need to think about others, get to work to make money for myself and my family.  That has basically been my religion of self/my secret thought patterns.

Stop the mind as the ego,  face and then let go of self-created self-religion, day by day.

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LIG 05-making_payment_thumb

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One thought on “We are All Living our Own Religion of Self: So How’s That Working For Us?

  1. Asi es, solo cada uno de nosotros podemos terminar este infierno aqui en la tierra, haciendo algo al respecto;educandonos 1o para que con el PERDON Y LA CORRECCION, conscientes, restauremos el ser que anima este cuerpo. Entonces si podemos restaurar y resolver cada embrollo que hemos embrollado. gracias por hacer posible la traduccion. de este bloc.

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