Living Income Guaranteed: Jesus and the Fallen Soldier

jesusI am shocked at myself, as I am becoming more aware of my zombie like behavior/response to images, night after night on the news, of soldiers, civilians, students, children lying dead. Having been murdered, lying bloody, the tragedy escapes me.  I feel nothing…or worse have no notice, no horror, no real sense of loss, the reality of the loss of life and what it means. I have become quite numb to it all.

Heaven forbid it was in my backyard…it’s all so foreign/over there. Or if it was one of my family members, the drama would be intense from me. I do think of putting myself in another’s shoes but often the facts seem overwhelmingly complicated and impossible to ‘fix’ . “Nothing I can do so best not dwell on the negative, I must contribute to the positive energy in this world”, that is how I used to think and justify doing nothing in this lifetime to implement solutions and change.  I simply did not see it as my responsibility. That really is a helpless feeling.

I am not suggesting to be in a constant emotional state, overcome with sadness and despair every time one reads the news, as that would be equally as useless, but rather a state of alarm within oneself, a standing up, stating how this is unacceptable.

I am grateful to the Equal Life Foundation, to have a forum to express our process of learning about a solution best for all, LIG, Living Income Guaranteed.  I am not religious but I do remember a story from my youth when Jesus ‘cries’ over a fallen soldier (the supposed enemy) and his followers are  perplexed, upset, and even become angered by his show of compassion.  What he was showing us was that, in equality each loss of life is as tragic- or not– as any other loss of life. Simple, do unto another as you would have them do unto you, love your neighbor as yourself.

I have judged others for my own personal life experiences and other nations for going to war over religion, retaliation, revenge.  But I cannot simply point the finger of blame, as when I examined myself, by imagining my children being killed, I quickly felt hate/murderous.  This energy of ‘hatred’ is within each one of us and indeed adds to the hatred/violence/war in the world.  It is energy, I feel it strongly in my body and being. I have often thought that murder is ‘right there’ in me.

dawnGo Here:  DAWN Democracy Against War Now

We must individually and together stand and create change.  We must cry over each fallen soldier, each child that is a victim of war, each home that is destroyed.  We can do this through the implementation of a new money system so all may enjoy a dignified life here on earth, our home.

Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed where all are sufficiently supported and honored with their basic human rights – where they have the ability to provide themselves with food, water, shelter, education, health care – all things one would like for themselves and would be living a standard less than what is best for them without such things.

Please investigate the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal and Join us for discussion.

Investigate your world, educate yourself about what you consume. Become part of a solution and no longer be blind to how we have come to accept and allow as the design of our world –  let us be the ones to re-design it into what is best for all.


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