Living Income Guaranteed: We all Deserve the Best

absolute 2I received a flyer in the mail advertising the latest ‘Coach’ purse. I recall many years ago a wealthy acquaintance feeling guilty about purchasing of a Coach purse costing $1000.00 Canadian dollars!  So, 20 years ago they were making one thousand dollar coach purses, hence the reason I did not bother investigating this flyer further.

Everyone wants and deserves a quality item, ‘Coach’ is a very high quality product so why wouldn’t anyone want a useful, practical product, one that is made well and built to last?  To live absolute is to supply this for all who have a need for it firstly, then for all who just want one for pleasure. To live absolute would be to let go of brand name that exist solely for the purposes of status identification and to justify high prices.  As well as eliminating the need for a company label on the product, no need because there would exist no competition based on profit alone.  Of course there would be a label which could inform the consumer where the product was made, by who, the materials used, the cost of the materials, the availability and how the material was replenished, what the employees were paid to produce the product.  This is based on a ‘best for all’ model/money system, the ‘all’ being:  humans, animals, plants, oceans, all life on earth.

Certain individuals would make this needed product, from a best for all starting point, so that the product would last ie. 50 years and the product is priced so it is attainable to all who need/want it. Living absolute would mean the factory workers, who make the purse would be paid an equal wage as all inhabitant of this earth so they have no need to ‘fight’ for higher wages.  They would also live free of a mortgage, rent, utility bills as all necessities would be provided for freely.

paradiseLiving absolute would mean that factory workers, managers, sales staff, cleaning staff, office staff, etc. would all have equal ownership in the purse factory, there would be no singular/private ownership. Private ownership is not required, never was, just one of the many purposefully confusing economic ‘realities’ of capitalism.

Living absolute means that each part/material required to make the product is considered within respect and dignity for all life, meaning each animal, plant, and person who contributed to make this product as the finished product/unit you see before you in a store.  So all is considered within balance of the ecosystem, quality of life, supply and demand in a real sense (not driven for profit).

Can you see the beauty in living absolute?  Less fear results in less illness, results in increased cooperation, results in increased production… Let’s allow the snowball of ‘best for all’ to roll for awhile.  Keep in mind as you consider a new way, another purposeful deception you’ve heard for years, ‘ we can’t do that, there is not enough to go around!’ and then we are suppose to stop, gasp in horror and shuffle back silently into the herd.

Living absolute means no separation. So if you are me and I am you, we won’t bother about trying to manipulate each other by suggesting my purse is better that yours or I deserve mine and you don’t.  I won’t talk nasty about your purse behind your back because that would be me, using my mind based on opinions and judgments. Where did I get that opinion? From my mind as a past experience, from what my parents or government told me, or from my mind as learned polarities of good/bad, better/less than, inferior/superior.  To live absolute means to shut down the mind as who and what you are and to live within/from a starting point of always asking ‘what is best for all?’  within each and every situation imaginable.

Is that drastic, severe?  Not to me, to me it is drastic to kidnap and repeatedly rape a 4 year old child, take naked photos and videos so men can derive pleasure from it. To me it is severe to starve an innocent little baby for a whole year before it dies, so it only knew suffering and agony for it’s entire ‘life’, when both of these realities are totally avoidable BUT WE DID NOTHING.  Sorry, but our way of life, based on self-interest and greed, is drastic!   Living Absolute, what is best for all, is common sense. Best for all includes YOU.

absolute 3To live absolute means no separation, you are indeed one and equal with all that exists here; humans, animals and the plant kingdom. So your father is my father, there are no separate families or government philosophies, after all, we are the family of human kind.

Why would I judge your purse (as old, unworthy, inferior, better than mine) when I could, just as easily, get one the same or a style that I prefer, if I want/need.  Everything I am saying here would be applied with and within practicality. No one would be allowed 100 coach purses as this would indicate some form of mental confusion and indicate ‘fear’ of lack (using ones mind), that results in the unwarranted act of hoarding.  This would be viewed for what it is, a mental problem that requires correction/assistance.

It may seems silly to use Coach purses as an example of what it means to live absolute but you get what I mean.

Investigate your world, educate yourself about what you consume. Become part of a solution and no longer be blind to how we have come to accept and allow as the design of our world –  let us be the ones to re-design it into what is best for all.

Watch/Participate in our Live Google Hangouts:

dawnGo Here:  DAWN Democracy Against War Now

We must individually and together stand and create change. We can do this through the implementation of a new money system so all may enjoy a dignified life here on earth, our home.

Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed where all are sufficiently supported and honored with their basic human rights – where they have the ability to provide themselves with food, water, shelter, education, health care – all things one would like for themselves and would be living a standard less than what is best for them without such things.

Please investigate the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal and Join us for discussion.



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