A New Earth?

new earthWhat is it the end of?  What is new?

Changes are happening now. You see it in climate change. You see it on the news every evening, as governments fall. You see it in the increasing awareness, of young and old, that inequality has a firm grip on this world. You see it in how people are opening up to the emergence of Basic Income political parties.  You see it in the streets as people ‘occupy’ cities all over the world, shouting their outrage at the corporate and governmental greed they witness and how they must live with the consequence of inequality this creates. You see it in the world markets rising and falling in dramatic swings. You see it in the grocery stores as food prices soar.  You see it in meetings between nations trying with all their might to keep capitalism alive, bailing out one bank or country after another.  You see it in sad stories and dying faces of children, after hearing 100,000 lives could have been saved if the world had heeded the warnings of the organizations that said famine is coming to a certain region.  But, people are waking up!

We as a race-the human race-have been so consumed with self interest and survival we cannot fathom changing to an economic system that will be best for all humans, let alone the plant and animal kingdoms. Too often, we would rather close our eyes and continue blindly on our path of destruction.

We have done it to ourselves!  Nothing needs to be predicted as it has been a steady digression.  It has been each and every one of us, over thousands of years who has existed in an secret place of jealousy, anger, hate, lust, greed who has contributed to this cumulation of destruction. This secret place, the seeds that grow into war, rape, murder, starvation and how we are helpless in the face of disease, the elements/nature, age, poverty is the human mind.

We cannot ‘fight’ nor can we win what is coming as we have wished for it, welcomed it, asked for it in every thought, every spite, every unforgiving emotion, every time we walk by our brother in need, every time we use the bank (as in are participating in the banking system), everytime we say ‘it’s not my problem’ or ‘I can’t change the world’ we are this world and we must face and walk through what we have made/manifested. There is no other way.

Oh, the world governments can delay/put off the inevitable, that many countries face bankruptcy but where does that leave future generations?  In a very bad place indeed, instability looms and the gap between rich and poor widens.  And who will be the elite’s soldiers?  Your children, your grandchildren too. Guess what, they don’t care.  As long as their pockets are lined with gold they will sleep well tonight.

new earth 2Have we reached the end of mankind’s dependency on ‘someone/thing else’/the government to solve it’s problems?  How is it working for us now?  Sadly, it is not working.  It is failing most.  So, these times are the beginning of the end, we must rebuild our failed socioeconomic systems: the banking system, the education system, the religious system, the government systems the military system, etc.

Let us build -not from separation but from what is best for all-one world family. Let us build equality. Business knows there is strength in numbers-we have billions then-billions of us human beings.

A number of years ago I saw a woman being beat up on the street, I was in my car and I did not have a cell phone. I started shouting out, yelling at him to stop. He shouted back, ‘ Lady, this is none of your business!’  Someone did call the police and I stayed to see them arrive and spoke to the woman and the officers, she did not want to lay charges, sadly, she minimized it…

I live in Canada, similarily, last week a prominent Canadian radio personality, Jian Ghomeshi, was fired and accused, by 3 women, of physical abuse, in which the women accused him of punching, hitting, choking among other things.  He admitted to enjoying/participating in S and M sex but said these women had ‘consented’.  As such, he feels justified in suing the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) for $50 million for unlawful dismissal (lol).

Ekhmmm… excuse me?  CONSENT IS NOT A DEFENCE, is never justifiable, does not make it ok to Abuse = inflict harm onto another. Period.

Let these changing times be the end of excuses and justifications like ‘it’s my right’, ‘it’s my business’, ‘it’s my choice’  to abuse, kill, neglect, steal, hoard, lie, manipulate and rape OR have these things done onto me. No, no one should have the ‘right’ to abuse the physical body, we are all connected and it effects all of us on some level, thus it is indeed EveryOnes business.

This kind of behavior – by all participants- is a mental illness and should be approached as such. The beginning of the end of the sickness of the private mind so we may regain our sanity as a race and rebuild in true peace (not just an agreed upon truce).

Also last week, a tragic event took place in our nations capital. Sadly, Corp. Nathan Cirillo was ‘..gunned down as he stood ceremonial guard in Ottawa in what the prime minister called a terrorist attack’.  However,  do not be distracted by so called ‘terrorist cells’ popping up in Canada/U.S. as if that is the ‘real enemy’.  These misguided killers are but pawns, veils for the holders of the real power, the controllers of the money supply, the elite families/circles and their corporations.  They are the ones (and the governments they control) who hold the strings of the worlds economies and as such, destiny.  All the press is meant to instill fear into the minds of the citizens who are supposedly ‘no longer safe’.  Were we safe before?

Let this be the end of abdicating responsibility because a loving god, the universe, the government, whatever is going to ‘take care of everything for us’.  No, total responsibility in each moment of each breath. It is the end of another fellow human being as your slave. Clean your own  toilet!  No one or thing is going to clean up the mess.  You are the ‘god’, you are the ‘government’ that will have to build a earth!

So which ‘new earth’ will emerge?  Another version of basically what we have now, with a different spin, one that is controlled by instilling fear of survival?  Or the birth of true humanity by providing a dignified life for all?  This is possible with Living Income Guaranteed.  You decide.

The LIG proposal can be adopted, in part or whole, by any political party.


Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed where all are sufficiently supported and honored with their basic human rights – where they have the ability to provide themselves with food, water, shelter, education, health care – all things one would like for themselves and would be living a standard less than what is best for them without such things.

Please investigate the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal and Join us for discussion.


Watch/Participate in our Live Google Hangouts:  http://www.youtube.com/LivingIncome


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