Christmas & Cheap Labor: Does Ignorance = Innocence?

cheap 8cheap 3An article I read recently, 5 Giant Companies Who Use Slave Labor, poised a powerful question, ‘How many people had to suffer so we can have cheap products?’  Hummm, I never thought of it that way.

I don’t feel so giddy and innocent now going to stock up at ‘Dollarama’ and ‘Giant Tiger’.

After sharing the story with friends and family, many responded similar to me. Quite simply, now that I am aware of this ; it is unacceptable to me and I will no longer participate, by not shopping at these stores/buying these products (as much as possible, as I am aware of)  & by promoting a new, fair and equitable money system.  Spreading awareness is another way to be an active participant in stopping this exploitation.

It does shock me now, that I never questioned the very low prices before and deepens my surprise and awareness of my robotic behaviour. “Don’t look too closely at the world systems just focus on your self interest and walk blindly…ooo arn’t you lucky you found that great deal to fill your children’s stockings at Christmas and can afford to buy a new spring wardrobe so as to feel a sense of abundance, not quite so cheated compared to your rich friends…better hurry…grab it before someone else does.”   The truth is its just a ‘fix’ like a drug, temporary relief for the frustrated middle class.

So, to answer the question, yes I believe ignorance is an ‘excuse’/innocent to a certain extent. That many of us when our eyes are opened to the ugly truth of slave and child labour, will take a firm stand, to at least not shop at these stores-its a start.

However, once we as consumers are made aware-no longer ignorant of the facts- we are not innocent at all, but responsible to walk the changes necessary, no matter how long or what it takes, to bring about justice , a world of oneness and equality.  So all may enjoy a life of dignity, so all have a life worth living

The shopping fix, for unnecessary items, is just like any other drug, alcohol or the bright, sparkly lights that daze & dazzle us at christmas. Is it your ‘fault’ you became an addict? Perhaps not or more to the point it doesn’t really matter …it is your responsibility to change your behaviour for the good of all !  No excuses are acceptable.

Please investigate a real and practical alternative, Living Income Guaranteed.  Let us all stand together to create a better world, based on equality.

The LIG proposal can be adopted, in part or whole, by any political party.


Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed where all are sufficiently supported and honored with their basic human rights – where they have the ability to provide themselves with food, water, shelter, education, health care – all things one would like for themselves and would be living a standard less than what is best for them without such things.

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