Living Income Guaranteed & the Stark Facts of Poverty

I  was researching a site, Global Issues, there I have found several interesting articles and statistics. This blog is concerning the causes of poverty.

poverty-no-accident*According to an article by Anup Shah, updated June 5,2011, “Nearly 1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or write their name.”  Imagine having to provide for your family or enter the job market without being able to read or write.  Obviously you would be at an extreme disadvantage to say the least and receive a bare minimum wage and to rise above your circumstances would be difficult indeed.

*According to Unicef 22,000 children die each day due to poverty, often they come from remote villages and remain unheard and invisable.

*80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day while 50%-that’s over 3 billion people-live on less than $2.50 a day!

lig common sense*1.8 Million Child Deaths /Year as a result of diarrhea= 5000 children a day and that is often a direct result of poor drinking water!  Millions of women spend several hours a day collecting water. I bet no one is paying them to do this so to save (or have a chance of saving) their child’s life by spending hours each day-hours they are not able to use to earn income-they walk elsewhere to get safe water. Im sure it’s exhausting to do so and they most likely then have to take care of their family, cook and clean, perhaps farm, and fall into bed just to do it all over the next day.

Consider the global priorities in spending in 1998

Cosmetics in the United States 8
Ice cream in Europe 11
Perfumes in Europe and the United States 12
Pet foods in Europe and the United States 17
Business entertainment in Japan 35
Cigarettes in Europe 50
Alcoholic drinks in Europe 105
Narcotics drugs in the world 400
Military spending in the world 780

*In 2003 it was estimated that 29,000 children per day (I actually had to stop typing after I read my notes to go back to the original article, surely it couldn’t be 29,000 per day it had to be 2900, I thought to myself, but no) 29,000 children died each day, before the age of five.

* Did you know that:  7 of the richest people in the world (combined) have more money then what  567,000,000 people earned in one year? That is the estimated number of people (567 Million)  who live in 41 of the world’s poorest, most indebted  countries.  Are we that blind, deaf, resigned, stupid, so completed consumed by self interest?  As long as me and my family are ok, I can’t do anything to change that. The problem is too big for me so now I’ll go about my business and forget about those numbers…err…people.  Yes these numbers are about real people. Shame on us.

*Did you know that :  Less than 1% of what the world spent on weapons in a year was needed to put every child in school by year 2000 and it Did Not happen. (I’m sorry I don’t know what year that was established from).   We require to all stand up, speak up and take our power back to make better decisions for all of the people in our world and not just some!

Anyway, the article goes on to say about world poverty, ” The causes are numerous, including a lack of individual responsibility, bad government policy, exploitation by people and businesses with power and influence, or some combination of these and other factors.”

The point is, if we know what causes worldwide poverty, lets do something about it.

There is a solution.  Living Income Guaranteed.  Day by day. Person by person. Please join us and be a part of an exciting movement: equality, dignity, support for all of life , not just the wealthy few.
LIG happySupport the Equal Life Foundation and the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal  to start and create the change that is needed to live the principle of ‘best for all life’, which will always be best for you.


Living Income Guaranteed and Unplanned Pregnancy

unplanned-pregnancyWhen researching pregnancy, especially in ‘developed’ countries, one of the main concerns that comes up is unwanted/unplanned teen pregnancy and the resulting poverty that often occurs. Often the young woman ends up raising the child herself, is from a lower income , does not have post secondary education nor the funds available to pursue, which could limit her future earning potential.  Thus, she and her unborn child are vulnerable on several fronts.

There are young women in North America who romanticize the idea of having a baby, on their own or with their teen boyfriend, some seeing it as a ‘badge of honor’ or ‘a way out’. It is unfortunate that some believe life will be different for them and their baby, they will not repeat the past/be ‘like their parents’.  This is often an example of one trying to repair the past/correct mistakes their parents made, and thus heal themselves. This is naive and also very selfish.  Some young women know they will receive government funding when they have a child but they lack the foresight needed to truly understand the struggles they will face and the constant need for money when the child arrives. Also, the constant and consistent loving care a child needs will constrict their mobility greatly.  One needs to be stable on many fronts:   emotionally, mentally, physically and financially to raise a healthy child.  Please note, I am not suggesting a person in need not receive any government assistance, that would also be irresponsible. One should provide all the necessities of life for ones child. I received government subsidized daycare, when I worked outside the home, and as a Canadian citizen I received a monthly ‘baby bonus’ for my 2 children for many years.  It was extremely helpful.

In a society where LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) is implemented, there will be a huge decline in the number of  unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancies.  Subsequently, there will be a huge decline in teen poverty, domestic violence, suicide, mental illness. One of the reasons young women get pregnant is too leave their current dometic situation/family unit where they could have been emotionally, physically abused.  They do not have the financial means to live independently so they see starting their own family as a way, a fresh start.  No blame here, just stating some facts of how things currently exist.

Within a LIG system the implications for a society are huge.  Just to focus on pregnancy for now, from a starting point of financial stability, one will be able to breathe, let go of the constant energetic reaction of fear within the struggle for survival, ‘Where is our next meal coming from? How will I pay rent next month?’, working long hours for minimum wage but never being able to afford a vacation with your child or buy him quality clothes or go consistently to the dentist, it goes on and on.

TV Teen MomWithin LIG women, young women will have a real alternative to dependency on their parents/boyfriend/husband. This will reduce unwanted pregnancy in all woman of child bearing years.  A LIG society will also reduce the number of abortions of all women because if one has stable income the point of building a family unit for stability and survival will be eliminated. A woman will have a real ‘choice’ to decide how they want to express themselves and contribute to their world, no longer constricted by the social situation they were born into, geography, they will indeed have all the various opportunities for a decent future that money buys.

Some of these opportunities include: education, transportation, adequate rest/sleep because one needs to work and look after children or go to school, less stress which will reduce physical and mental illnesses ie. substance addictions, being able to afford a break/vacation for rest and enjoyment so life is not just about ‘getting through it’.  If they are in a current relationship they do not have to remain, they will have the means=the money to leave an unsatisfactory situation and start new life in which they can afford to house, cloth, feed, educate their children without having to compromise or prostitute themselves.

Please join us at LivingIncome.Me

birds 4Fundamental Human Rights

Join us in working together to ensure a future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, where we put an end to poverty, homelessness, starvation and inequality, where each and every being is guaranteed a living income which will ensure a dignified life.

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Why I Stand For A Living Income Guaranteed

LIG terroristWith the exception a few years throughout my life, I always ‘felt’ ‘knew’ that we are equal beings here on this earth. I felt strongly that any prejudice was ugly and wrong, that it was obviously wrong to have people with huge excess and others who end up on the street.

Even though I bought into the idea that the ‘poor people’ were different than me, I strongly suspected, long before I experienced it, poverty humiliates you and bring you down so that you ‘seem’ different but you are not.

I stand for a Living Income Guaranteed (LIG) because it is what is best for all in a sustainable and practical way.  Please read The Proposal 

I have been on this earth  for 53 years and am sadly and continually appalled by human stupidity and irresponsibility.  I no longer accept and allow myself to just ‘go about my business’ blindly living in self interest (and the interest of my ‘clan’/family/the ones I consider special to me) and ignore the rest of humanity, ignore massive human suffering because ‘it’s too big a problem and I can’t do anything about it.’

From The Proposal:  We require a paragidm shift  …The only way to move forward and bring about an actual improvement in society is to do things differently. To be able to do so, we require an openness for change – for innovation and creativity – for ‘out of the box thinking’. In Einstein’s words: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Within common sense, money is power in this world, money moves things, gets thing done. So if we recognize this, how will we change things?  The answer to that is;  through the political system of democracy, indeed one man one vote can change the world.  This means forming political parties which have LIG as their platform, within each country.  Firstly, we need to inform people that it is possible to correct the ineffective economic/government/education etc. systems of this world.  This is what I am doing in these blogs, directing you to read more/educate yourself about LIG.

I will work towards the implementation of LIG because that is what will practically empower us to change this world for the better. We all deserve life equally, we can all see we are equal as the physical flesh here.  So why allow the mind tell us otherwise?

lig war I stand for world equality because, only as one as equal, will we actually be able to experience ‘life’. As it is now people either suffer and starve, just get through it (the ‘journey’ they call ‘life’) in self interest and survival mode, live in war infested areas and get killed, or you are one of the lucky few who have got all the money which makes life comfortable, fun, full of adventure and beauty.

From:  LIG The Proposal:  Redirection of Military Budgets

…Spending vast amounts of public funds to finance military action under the guise of humanitarianism has no sensical meaning when at home such things as unemployment, poverty, inadequate education programs or health systems are common and increasingly problematic.

Why don’t we insist on everyone having the right to experience abundance and not just a few of us? Why don’t we insist on all of us experiencing what it truly means to be alive?  Why don’t we insist on everyone having the right to understand, explore and enjoy the earth, nature, the animal kingdom?

Heaven On Earth:  When will we realize there is nothing outside of ourselves that is going to save us!  No one and nothing is going to swoop us up into a heavenly existence at the end of our lives. No, we in fact must create that for ourselves, here on earth, by facing ourselves, facing what is here and changing it breath by breath. We must understand who we are as life as one as equal, no longer accepting allowing and separation/competition as in man against man.  We must transform the words ‘give unto another as you would like to receive’ into living words.  Then we will create a world where everyone lives like a millionaire.

Each one expressing themselves as life, as who they are in that moment. Then we will truly experience joy, as each one discovers something new and can’t wait to share it with everyone else, be it tangible or intangible. “Hey ,look I made this awesome new material that is sooo soft for babies”….today only the privileged get to have it. In my heaven on earth, every baby gets the best!

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LIG: Change The World, No CONsciousness Raising Required

big connI was a big fan of the idea of raising my consciousness but the sad fact is it never changed me, my life or the world, in any significant way as far as I can see. Interesting, we will need another person to come along in a few more years and package the same message again in different paper. Has anyone ever questioned this and done anything about it?

One argument I heard goes something like this,  it’s suppose to be like this, each learning from their journey in their life, some suffering more than others , we all have a different lesson to learn.’  Really?  Until the divide gets so enormous that the ‘poor’ masses storm the castle and kill the king and queen in disgust of their total lack of compassion for them. Even then, the patterns of human existance continue, round and round. There is no improvement as we have war, starvation, rape, etc. in abundance today as centuries ago.

So, abundance of the good stuff for the few and abundance of misery for the many.mind blowing

Recently, I was flipping through one of these consciousness raising books and came across some sentences I had underlined a few years back. Here is one such passage, ‘We are also learning that action, although necessary, is only a secondary actor in manifesting our external reality. The primary factor in creation is consciousness. No matter how active we are, how much effort we make, our state of consciousness creates our world, and if there is no change on that inner level, no amount of action will make any difference.’

And there is truth to that, yes we must start with self and create an internal change however the key here is to do both at the same time – change the individual within and change the world without – not to use this as an excuse to do nothing, as surely most of us do.

First, it is quite ridiculous to suggest no amount of action will change the world.  It is simply not true, a lie, and a convenient one so we can ‘feel ok’ about doing nothing. The author does, indeed sooth many a guilty conscience.  Is it acceptable to throw some money at ‘the poor third world nations’, attend a few charitable functions and then go to our ‘special place’ in our own minds and ‘change the world’?  WTF!  The world does not change!

Changing our consciousness will not change the world, or it would have done so already, with all the years of following Gods, angels, masters, thousands of spiritual books written and read, tens of thousands of charitable events, zillions of prayers/meditations put forth to the various higher powers believed in and nothing changes.

Another passage I had underlined,  ‘So be true to life by being true to your inner purpose. As you become present and thereby total in what you do, your actions become charged with spiritual power. At first there may be no noticeable change in what you do-only the how changes. Your primary purpose is now to enable consciousness to flow into what you do…there is now a deeper purpose that can only be found in the present, through the denial of time.’

How is being in the ‘now’ the ‘present’ a denial of time? It is not a denial of time because it is directly connected to/dependent upon the past and the future to exist, which is time!

Surely, many of us have been living in the ‘now’ for several years, so must be charged with a shit load of spiritual power. To what end?  Are we, as spiritual giants, making any headway changing our economic systems, changing the laws in our governments to ensure children are not used as slaves to produce goods western societies are so addicted to buying?  Are we using this spiritual power to stop child pornography, perhaps for science to solve the problem of needed oil world wide or collectively do we have enough spiritual power to bring world peace?

No, but a few people get really rich selling books and tickets to lectures, getting us all hyped up on emotional energy like it’s candy, a sweet fix, it’s addictive.  It’s all about self interest.  We want to hear the message these authors are selling.  It is the message of the mind, the big con of  ‘consciousness’ to remain a slave to ‘feeling good’ and ‘living in peace’ while children carry guns, are held captive and used for labor and for sex. These children have no hope to experience a life anywhere near like we enjoy.

We don’t need a new earth, we need a new human being. 

We don’t need ‘spiritual power’, we need common sense.

We know what is wrong. We know how to fix it.  We can do this by rejecting self interest, once and for all and begin living what is best for all.  Please join us in bringing heaven to earth. LivingIncome.Me

LIG gap
Fundamental Human Rights

Join us in working together to ensure a future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, where we put an end to poverty, homelessness, starvation and inequality, where each and every being is guaranteed a living income which will ensure a dignified life.

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LIG and Spiritual Self-Help Gurus

gurus 2gururs 3Within a LIG society, self-help gurus will face vast unemployment, lol.  That being true, (as all will be provided with life’s basic necessities: food, clean water, a safe home, an annual vacation, mean of transportation, health care, ability to pay their utility bills, EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION)  I’m sure most of these gurus/authors can put their gifts to good use in many other ways.

Remove the stress and fear in life and we don’t need a savior, we become our own saviors!

I bought and read many spiritual ‘self help’ books over the last 20 years. Probably 30-40 books. There is no doubt they provide a band-aid, some temporary relief to a confused, ‘seeking’ population, desperate for any morsel of meaning within their existence. There was never anything I read that brought clarity to who or what I was or why I was alive, the meaning of my life or life in it’s entirety.

This is why I now promote a Living Income Guaranteed, to stop staring at the problem, to stop seeking comfort and be the solution as in giving as I would like to receive.  Thus, giving clarity and meaning to each life on the planet and life in it’s entirety.  The Proposal here. 

But back to the topic.   I will discuss one of these spiritual, self-help books here, * ‘The Power of Intention’  but I could have chosen from hundreds so it is not to ‘pick on’ this one but to use it as an example of… well, uselessness when it comes to changing yourself within and your world without. I believe the author is/was sincere, misguided and ineffectual mind you (except for his own personal financial gain) but sincere.  And hey, I am just as guilty of ‘wanting’ that manifestation of wealth for self interested reasons and greed as anyone is. I bought it hook, line and sinker, didn’t materialize for me though.  I believe the author would admit, if put to the wall, he knew, for the vast majority of his readers, this ‘power’ and these ‘intentions’ would not manifest.

I was going to look for passages I had highlighted but just looking at the chapter titles is enough to discuss why I now believe this book provides no useful purpose to the life of human beings.

chapter 7: It is my Intention to: Respect Myself at all Times.

In itself, this statement is not incorrect as a preferred way to live. Respect is actually more real and powerful than the idea of love. It is paramount in a compassionate society and in any relationship, be it with yourself or another. However, without even going into what the author writes within the chapter itself, he is forgetting and /or ignoring one tinsy, winsy fact; the millions of human beings who cannot even get enough food to eat today let alone go to a bookstore and purchase his book. So what is the point of posing as some spiritual leader, someone we are to look to for guidance to show us/be a role model for a ‘decent’ human being.  As far as I can see he is a muti-millionaire who writes about ideas, basically positive thinking books, while living blindly to the vast suffering of the world’s poor and disadvantaged, which is billions of human beings.

How is someone born into poverty (with no advantages to take practical steps to get out of that poverty) even to begin to fathom that statement. Many people do not have the opportunity to attend school, receive proper healthcare, nutrition, housing-these are just the basics one needs to survive let alone be concerned with respecting themselves. Actually, it is understood by most people, that one deserves respect automatically as life. But time and experience in this world proves to them otherwise. They do not in fact receive respect, one and equal to the people who have money in this world, as a fellow human being. They are, instead ignored and left to suffer and then die, unnoticed, like they just don’t matter.  But they are the same ‘matter’ as the rest of us, the same physical substance, in that we are all equal.

Chapter 11: It is My Intention to: Live a Stress-Free, Tranquil Life.

Really?  And is this accomplished by ‘manifesting’ money and all the goodies life has to offer by meditation, prayer, positive thinking…hmmm…how about business smarts, a business aptitude, the right connections, the right ‘attitude’, the right education, the right family, enough money to get things started/moving?  Yup, all of the above are what is required to financially succeed in this world and only a few ‘lucky’ ones make it at that.

It is never my intention to become so smart mouthed when writing these blogs but honestly, I just get so frustrated.  Does the guru assume that some in this world are ‘special’ , ‘blessed’, ‘fortunate’ and others…well…not so much. So it is the responsibility of the ‘blessed’ ones to spread the love and light message and ‘give generously to charity’. How has this helped the world? It has not. Again, the idea of living a stress free and tranquil life is desirable but I do not see any results that his methods are working but for a few and more importantly, at the expense of the many. Earth is increasingly polarized  between the rich and poor. Pretty hard to be tranquil when you are experiencing famine, watching your children wither away before your eyes and you are helpless to save them. Pretty hard to be stress free-or have the time to meditate on this idea-when you are facing eviction and you have lost your job and have a family to care for.

For humanity to live stress free and tranquil then all must be given all they need. However, perhaps I am off track, he does not speak about humanity, just the individual, self interest. Never is ‘what is best for all’ mentioned.

gurusChapter 10: It is my Intention to :Feel Successful and Attract Abundance into My Life.

Ah yes, there it is, the use of the almighty god of Energy! Specifically, this energy generation is designed to attract the real god of the human being-Money.

It’s just too ridiculous to go into detail but again how can one even start this process (I do get it- it’s a ‘fake it ’till ya make it’ approach as in; that’s what the universe wants/needs you to do, visualize etc, in order over time to ‘manifest’ your desires) if one does not have the time or comfortable surrounding/home/bed/food ? It is not practical, it is not fair , it is not equal.  Why does the author ‘preach’ practices that people do not have equal access to? How does this assist and support human beings to solve any of the world’s very real and pressing problems? ‘Oh, it’s up to the universe, not I, I am a humble servant only’, is the kind of excuse you hear thrown out there.

So what’s the universe to do, pick and choose? No, it is us human beings, you and I, who are guilty of picking and choosing. The universe is neutral, as in ‘we are all one’. It is time for us to join the universe, in fact-for real, and not in some airy fairy way based on ‘feelings of love’ in your mind but walking breath by breath, with your feet firmly planted on mother earth and fix this bloody mess, in the physical!

Feed one another, clothe one another, heal one another, house one another = real love one another.

A teacher who walked this earth once said; ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’,  I do not see this in action in these spiritual self-help books.

I see, get incredibly rich off your fellow man, and help but 1% of your readers get incredibly rich too. And the rest? I don’t see them, I don’t know them, I won’t think about them. I’ll meditate on ideas of bliss and beauty, love and light and create/manifest that- off your buck- in my own life, for my own family and let, nameless and faceless millions, starve, suffer, commit suicide, die.  Why? Because one gets blinded by too much light. Time to go into the dark and dirty, get down and dirty and clean this mess up.

A Living Income Guaranteed for all, so all may live a dignified, enjoyable life, not just some! Let’s stop being hypocrites.

Join us in building a new world, in which all can participate fully, over time, to create the ideals this book suggests.

*1  The Power of Intention Published By: Hay House Inc. February 2004, United States

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The Complacency Virus

A Functional Economy

complacency The most common delusion we have that thwarts us from being able to create any change of real significance in this world, is this belief that “everything is okay” – it is as if we have taken a blinder before our eyes that makes us see only what we want to see – and this tends to happen when we have money and a somewhat comfortable life – when we have achieved those points, what sets in is complacency and instead of giving everyone a cool life – we spend the short time we have on this earth trying to satisfy our mental desires.

It should be the other way around, that when we have money, we should understand that we have a opportunity to make a difference, we have the time to spread awareness bring forth change – but what instead happens is that we sink back into the comforts…

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Living Income Guaranteed & Vacations

life-is-waiting-for-you-equal-money-system-by-damian-ledesma-desteni-art_thumbEveryone deserves an annual vacation but vacations cost money, often a lot of money!  I live in an area where several people are in the fortunate (for them) financial position to take 2 or 3 vacations a year. I am often ‘embarrassed’ when asked , ‘Do you and your family have plans for the holidays?’  and then I give some excuse as to why we are ‘just staying home’. To be polite I return the question and more times than not feel ‘less than’ as they regale their plans to take the kids down south to some exotic island, a ‘Disney Cruise’,  ski at ‘Whistler’, go camping in northern Ontario or ‘just go to the cottage’.

I sometimes dare to fantasize about being able to afford a vacation/enjoy world travel each year but within a LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) this will be a reality.  Of course, you will have to manage your money responsibly and so put aside the amount you want to spend on vacation. However, you and all citizens will be guaranteed an annual income that is sufficient to cover all life necessities and a vacation is one of those necessities-a break, a rest to rejuvenate the mind/body/being!

birds 4

Let’s look at it practically. Which societies have the most political unrest of late?  The ones where the population have no say in political decision making because they live under strict rule of a dictatorship, military or capitalist imperialism, the ones where there is high unemployment and homelessness.  Who commits most of the crimes in society, as in theft, rape, murder?  The under privileged, poor.  Why?  Because they are consumed with FEAR of survival every second. Let’s face it , if you do not have money , you die. These people cannot afford a vacation to rest, an enjoyable healthy escape from life’s stress/responsibilities so some choose the less desirable alternative and gravitate toward alcohol or drugs, prostitution, organized crime, petty theft, at least it provides some temporary relief.  In the case of the addict, the person moves within and builds more and more fear, on the never ending hunt for money for the ‘fix’, which leads to desperate acts of crime.

Last time I looked Paris Hilton wasn’t too stressed out about how she was going to feed herself let alone which vacation ‘home’ she should purchase in the south of France. I wonder how many homes the American ‘movie stars’ and sports personalities own all over the world?  Plenty, that’s how many!  I’m not jealous, I’m disgusted. It’s not that I have anything personal against celebrities, it is the income inequality they represent that I am talking about here.  I do not accept and allow this in my world any longer therefore I am one vote for a new governing body, one where all will have the opportunity to have a massage on the beach, make lazy love to their partner, enjoy the best in fine dining and explore the caves across the lagoon the next morning.

No desperation but relaxation.  How about hiking in Scotland, a cruise in Alaska, a train ride through the Canadian Rockies, a lobster fest in a quaint Nova Scotia harbor town.  I could go on and on.  Beautiful Earth!

And so, within LIG we will all be free to move about/explore earth,  Please stand with us, investigate LivingIncome.Me and  dare to be free,  dare to have a life worth living, dare to take a stand and declare  ’None are free, until all are free!’

lig human rights

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LIG: The Right to Purchase Another Country’s Natural Resources

lig greed

Apparently, in this world  its ok to rape a poor nation of their jobs and natural resources if you have enough money, as what occurred in 2011 when  ‘Barrick Gold’  purchased Tanzania’s natural resource and in the 1990′s began mining.

In theory, Barricks arrival in the 1990′s was supposes to be a boon to the Tanzanian economy, pushing it toward development. But in reality, according to Linda McQuaig’s online ariticle in Common Dreams, Canada Mines African Discontent‘Tanzania has collected only a pittance in taxes and royalties from Barrick and other foreign multinationals through contracts that are shouded in secrecy. So although it sits on massive gold reserves worth more than $40 billion, Tanzania remains on of the world’s poorest countries. ….some 400,000 Tanzanians, who formerly mined for gold with nothing but their own pick and shovels have been left unemployed by the giant mining operations’.

So more than 1500 desperately poor and angry villagers, with machetes, rock and hammers, stormed the mining compound which led to the shooting death of 7 villagers. This kind of tragedy will occur when people are pushed to the limit (history has shown this time and again, yet we do not learn), cannot feed their families, feel completely invisible and so obviously taken advantage of. ‘The uprising occurred  after a government commission strongly urged imposing higher royalties and taxes on the foreign mining companies…the Canadian government intervened on the side of the multinational, pressuring the Tanzanian government and parliament to oppose the proposed reforms. ‘

Well you just got to protect the investor right?  Why?  I’m a Canadian, I don’t have any extra money to take advantage, oh I mean to ‘invest’ in any foreign mining operations.  The people that have the extra money to do so are wealthy already!  They don’t need more money, having all they need already in this world=enough to live a good and dignified life.  Probably 10% of the investors make 90% of the profit anyhow.  So the rich get richer, some evolution that is.

lig freedomHuman beings can be so vain and ignorant, they actually believe we are ‘evolving’ becoming ‘more’ when in reality only technology is becoming more advanced and we, as we have for thousands of years, are still raping, killing and stealing from each other through fear, greed and ignoring what is here in physical reality . Never do we actually ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. No, instead we largely ignore the human suffering of the many, we cower and remain silent while big business = the multi-national and national corporations  and governments tell us ‘how it is’.

By the way, where is the so coveted ‘free will’ and ‘free choice’ that human beings value so much for these Tanzanian families and workers?  It’s up to their own government to set that straight, some will argue. That is democracy.  No, that is democracy for the few and that is the result of greed and a misuse of capitalism.  It’s their countries/government’s own failure and they are free to change that. No, they are enslaved by human greed and fear and have little to no power over the almighty God of money, which comes down to the basic requirement of ones need to survive at all costs.

I invite you to educate yourself about another way we can co-exist in our world.   LIG, providing all with a living income from birth till death, where all are valued and considered equally.  Within LIG, this accepted practice of one country being able to purchase the natural resources of another country-just because they can because they have more money- will end.  In fact each country will be encouraged to nationalize it’s natural resources so all citizen benefit, as all the population are shareholders.

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“The Living Income Guaranteed (“L.I.G.”) is a Proposal that addresses the immediate and pressing problem of massive world inequality. Current economic and political policies implemented to promote prosperity and the well-being of the world’s disenfranchised may have, to a degree, been able to facilitate economic growth, but the bounties of this growth have yet to reach those who most need it.
The Living Income Guaranteed will assist and support those individuals within society that find themselves in a disadvantaged position as a result of this structural ineffectiveness and inadequacy. The Living Income Guaranteed will provide Equal Opportunity for all; functioning as the medium through which nations will be able to remediate the most direct and negative effects of capitalism, while maintaining many of the unique strengths that such a system embodies. The Living Income Guaranteed will thus aid in balancing growth with sustainability; ensuring and securing Fundamental Human Rights for everyone.”

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Fundamental Human Rights

Join us in working together to ensure a future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, where we put an end to poverty, homelessness, starvation and inequality, where each and every being is guaranteed a living income which will ensure a dignified life.

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LIG and Saving/Hoarding Money

LIG Money under the mattressWhy do we as humans hold onto money, hide money from each other, hoard money, save money?  I would say it is because we ‘know’ from experience, from our parents/society  and from the history/education systems, that ‘life’ is cruel. One day you are ‘fine’ but the next day you could be helpless if you loose your money, because in our world system, the way it is currently constructed–you need money to survive=food, shelter, healthcare. No money, no hope-devastation. Poverty, illness, death.

But is it ‘life’ that is cruel? No, it is the money system. Money is fleeting and precarious and can be lost-large amounts-easily and parents know this. If my child is ‘weak’= does not fit (mis-fit) into the accepted societal system of ‘work’, he/she will loose their job and security.  Therefore, I must put away money=family money to ‘protect’ their future. If my child is ‘strong’ =can keep a job in the system, but a risk taker, they could loose their money therefore I must put away family money for their future.  I will not tell others how much I have saved away, it is not their ‘business’ because, for one, there is inflation and when I am dead I don’t know how much it will cost for them to survive. If my child gets ‘divorced’ they could loose their money therefore I need to save/hide family money. If my child gets ill/hurt and they could not work , they could loose their money….

LIG mineIt’s all about survival. Parents feel it is their obligation to ‘protect’ their children. However, what is ‘well meaning’ turns into lessons in greed. “Work, be quiet and for God’s sake save your money…you don’t know what tomorrow will bring!”  Thus, we live in fear of the unknown, the unforeseen so it’s a every man for himself/his family mentality.

Interestingly, last week my son made the comment  that I seemed to be ‘happy’ with what I had. This observation after he had just heard the popular opinion of several members of his family and society that, in fact, the more money you have=the happier you’ll be. We both agreed this could be a dangerous trap, in that there is no ‘end’ to it, just HAPPIER, HAPPIER, HAPPIER…

I am not suggesting I do not have greed or fear of poverty, I do.  Definitely becoming more aware of these points as me!  Amazing. I fear having less than I need but understand that I DON’T NEED MORE THAN I NEED and that is actually very little !  My son and I talked about his point. Wonderful, common sense.

A LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) is a practical and sound solution.  A solution that is best for all. Within LIG each citizen (and children within the home)  will be provided the financial support to ensure all necessities for survival and a dignified life are in place. Money to have a home, to have food, to have clean water and to have proper health care, transportation, employment,  and the ability to be educated.  As well, all debt would be forgiven and to live debt free would be a  fundamental human right.

A Living Income for all  from birth until death.  Based on the fact that you are here as life, as we are all one and equal as physical beings here, we all deserve equal respect and consideration. Eliminate the need to stash away money, hoard, hide and lie to one another out of fear of survival for yourself and your family.  The human being is one family here on earth and as such we are the stewards of the animals, plants, oceans.  It is our responsibility to care for the animals, plants, oceans, etc. with respect and consideration.  However, first we must ensure all people on earth are provided for, this will create the necessary stability to ensure we can provide for the rest of the planet, instead of literally consuming it, out of self-interest.

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Within LIG work would be entertainment, think about it…if I had all I need to survive, what would I do to contribute?  WHAT I LOVE TO DO!  For me , this would be several things :   supporting and assisting others to apply their true potential as a human being, dog walking/animal care, cleaning/maintenance/interior design of various structures, some childcare,  writing music/playing/singing as entertainment to others.  I would also take my turn at tasks which are considered ‘less desirable’ like cleaning up the oceans full of garbage and plastic, whatever I could physically/practically manage.

Heaven on Earth!

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Living Income Guaranteed and Personal Debt

lig debthappinessDebt has been a huge theme in my life.  I disagree with the design of the existing money system, not just because of my own experience but because of what I see everywhere on this earth. The dramatic polarity of rich/poor,  haves/have nots,  better than/less than  and the  ‘don’t you forget it…we won’t let you forget it’ prevailing message across society at large.  This message is ‘in your face’ constantly. Plastered on large billboards, in every magazine, tv commercials, advertisements for ‘things’, expensive things that will supposedly make you feel good about yourself.  The never ending orgy of consumerism, the unquenchable thirst Jesus talked about.  It’s insidious, this wanting, and it does not satisfy, not for long.

In my early life, within the existing money system, I was very comfortable and protected. I understand I had all the ‘advantages’ therefore it was not too difficult, as a young adult, to become a home owner, consumer, basically another unit in the system/cog in the wheel.  I grew up seeing my father as the provider, going to work everyday, my mom stayed at home and looked after the kids. We were told if you get a good education, work hard you will do well. This seemed to be the case.

My parents could afford to send their children to university. I made as much as I could-in the off months- for spending money and books but I was under no financial stress so I had the time to do well in my studies, had enough money to take a ski trip to Vermont when I was at university-twice. My parents owned a lovely little cottage (not extravagant but nonetheless, a second home)  in northern Ontario so I could escape to it when needed (or more to the point, to party with crazy drinking friends). My parents  had a strong work ethic, you were expected to study hard, work hard…harder you work= more successful you’ll be= more money you’ll make.

So, during in my parent’s generation (1940’s-1960) and in my generation (1960-1980), if you came from a ‘privileged’ home-one that had the financial resources to put you through college/university- and you did some hard work,  it was the case that you could ‘succeed’, basically live a dignified,  enjoyable life and have some savings/financial security.

BUT, if anything went amiss within this plan: a divorce, a problem such as substance abuse, mental illness, physical illness, job loss, etc. people were encouraged by the banks to use their assets to secure loans.  This resulted in your security quickly transforming into DEBT.  Once in that black hole, it is very difficult to get out  and that is what happened to me.

Everyone is darn friendly, respectful, helpful when you’re paying your bills. But beware, if you become a debtor, love and goodwill get turned on their head.   Even those who ‘love’ you can quickly turn against you if you ‘owe’ them money and are unable to pay.  Apparently, this is acceptable-to abandon- because there is money owed to you.

This point of abandonment is acceptable even to the point of letting a person be on the street on a freezing cold night.  People freeze to death!  But no matter, yes, you can feel bad for them but hurry up and get to work so it doesn’t happen to you or your family.  Sad and pathetic really, the unspoken secret agreement mankind lives by, the accepted way of life, ‘fear death, but only your own and your inner circle/family, let the others suffer and die, it’s ok.’

In today’s economy, it is near impossible (even if the plan goes smoothly = no unforeseen crisis/bumps in the road along the way) to simply chug along, become that cog in the societal wheel, work hard/get a degree/get a job/buy a home/live a dignified and enjoyable life.  No, today many students are downing in a life long debt, young working people cannot afford the inflated prices to purchase a home, and the middle class is disappearing as the income gap, between rich and poor, widens daily.

I often questioned the wisdom of the capitalistic system I grew up in.  Like, so what, you make as much money as you can, accumulate as much as possible in a certain time frame, then when you’re 55-65 years old, you retire with a big sigh/relief, ’ah, I made it!’.

I felt confused, helpless but trapped in this capitalistic ideal, as in the idea/design of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ or ‘the American Dream’.  To me it seemed like ‘WTF? So whats the big prize? I get to grow old and die? Then what?  What’s the point?  What about everyone else? Do I close my eyes and ignore the people who are suffereing? Should I just get by?  Accumulate as much wealth as I can and Not be the best person I can be=care about the big picture and all of humanity?’

Apparently,  one is not suppose to ask because its sacred or ‘you can’t change it anyway’ or it just plain pisses people off when/if someone speaks up/questions the foundational way the government/economy is operating.  In fact, people got very upset when I questioned the sanity/point of, for example, continuing to ignore the suffering of others when the earth has enough foodto provide for all living beings here, simply through a re-distribution of resources. Get with the ‘REAL’ world, was the response I most often received.

Trouble is the ‘real’ world is ugly and cruel and I am here, a functioning human being, capable to move and therefore to direct change.  Therefore, this is what I choose to do, I support a LIG (Living Income Guaranteed), to work toward the re-distribution of wealth, the natural resources on this planet, so all -not just a select few-may live a dignified life, one full of personal growth, one free from the chains of debt .


If a money system like LIG would have been in place when I was struggling and became a debtor, my life would have gone very differently.

With a Living Income Guarantee each citizen (and children within the home)  will be provided the financial support to ensure all necessities for survival and a dignified life are in place. Money to have a home, to have food, to have clean water and to have proper health care and the ability to be educated.

In fact, all debt would be forgiven and to live debt free would be a  fundamental human right.

No one should have to live in constant fear of the phone ringing, stressed out by collection calls, harassed and made to feel less than simply because they cannot afford to pay a debt, made increasing more impossible as interest charges accumulate daily. A living income is what is needed in this world,  a support foundation that allows all people the opportunity  to better themselves.

Please join us.  Your input is welcome, ideas, questions, answers!


Let’s continue educating ourselves and the world about the benefits of providing each other the ability to live in dignity.