LIG: We Stand Up Together, No More `Survival of the Fittest `

1383411_248153438671453_69658339_nstandupone1 BIG, a Basic Income Grant  is “…an unconditional government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs.”

It will take several years of re-education before a system of true equality is possible in this world. As most agree, many, many people are suffering horribly on earth currently. So to alleviate the suffering and allow people the opportunity to  get out of a `survival`mentality, BIG will be sufficient to stabilize ones life.

Once a person no longer has to focus just on survival as in  shelter, food, clothing, water one can expand ones awareness to just how extensive the abuse has become on earth.  With a basic income grant, cost such as and including:  rent, mortgage, electricity, heat, clean water, food, health care, clothing and transportation will be covered. Thus, it can be considered a cool first step in the lengthy process toward more just societies worldwide.

With the implementation of a basic income grant, there will still be rich and poor, better than less than, charity, polarities of all kinds, war, abuse from those ìn power who have the wealth, trillions of dollars allocated to space programs and the war machine ie. fighter jets, the latest hollywood film in which the ‘star’ gets paid 10 million dollars, the baseball player signed on for 50 million dollars per year, deception, profit and loss.

Yet, it is difficult to ponder- let alone participate- in a solution when you are trying to survive . Perhaps you have others who are depending on you for their survival as well, children, elderly parents. You get up at dawn, work you ass off, come home to other important obligations and fall into bed knowing you are trapped, there is no money left for you to take a vacation with your family (you`re behind in bills, debt= the biggest evilest scam of all time), buy something for the home or children.

It`s time we look at this : money is not real, it is simply a tool, designed for trade. Well then, we can re-design it since it is not working best for all, as it only supports the few with a life worth living.

Survival of the fittest is like a cruel joke because it is so obviously based on money. Depending upon where you are born, into what family you are born, who you know, determines on how ‘fit’ you are to educate yourself and indeed to ‘elevate’ yourself into a position where you are able to hold your head high and say, ‘I am a contributing member of society, I am holding my own’.

As well,  you have much more likely been ‘blessed’ with the necessary  practical tools of self esteem (from consistent, loving care children need as they grow), determination, opportunity, ‘choice’ of career etc.  I mention consistent and loving care with some hesitation, as I was a single parent with no money raising my children. So poor does not equal  providing no consistency or love. Obviously I did, however, the sad fact is it is much more difficult as one gets exhausted day in and day out raising children without the luxury of help (a needed break), no time for self care or reflection as to what is working/important and what should be altered.

Put simply; within the current money system, survival is based almost entirely on money. If one has abundance, is wealthy, they have time. Time to get enough rest, exercise, have their ‘house in order’ , enjoy hobbies, be creative, explore themselves and their world, take vacation and therefore building mental and physical ‘fitness’.

If one is middle class, you have very little time to do these things and just keep ‘running’ and are virtually unable to stop long enough to determine how to change this world so the ‘human/rat race’ can end.

If one is poor, well, they do not have any chance/hope to build ‘fitness’ but can only focus on one day so their children/themselves do not starve to death, do not become dehydrated, diseased, murdered, raped.  Perhaps they are focused on migrating to a ‘safer’ region. There is little , virtually no power they hold that will magically change their circumstances and so they have no choice but to internalize their outrage and pray to a ‘God’ for some relief, if only in the hereafter.

In a world which included a living income for all, all would have their basic needs met!  Food, shelter, medical care!  This is not some ‘pie in the sky’ crazy Utopian idea. There is enough food in the world currently to feed all beings on the planet, there are enough resources and manpower to house all the beings on the planet, there are enough people to provide all the care we need. Do we really need to suffer more before we stand up and say, ‘No I do not accept the way the world is currently operating’ and start taking action?

For example how much does a fighter jet cost?  As of August 2011, from Wiki Answers:  “Well, it varies according to the fighter jet. Here are prices of several models:  * F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet costs $150 million  *Sukhoi Su-30MKI costs $35.74 million  *Eurofighter Typhoon costs €90 Million   *Chengdu J-10 costs $27.84 million

I am Canadian, Canada is in the process of deciding whether to purchase a number of F-15 fighter jets (6 to 8) spending billions of Canadian tax payers money, some estimate it could go as high as 18 Billion Dollars.  What?!  That ‘s insanity.  Why?  To supposedly protect ourselves from, and of course kill,  other human beings.

According to the article in Sun News, from January 3, 2014:  The government announced in 2010 that Canada would buy state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets, but that decision was put on hold amid cost concerns and an auditor general’s report that found the feds had botched the process.  In June 2012, the government began reconsidering Lockheed Martin’s F-35 – estimated to cost $46 billion over 42 years.  They’re also looking at Boeing’s Super Hornet, the French-made Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon, with the acquisition cost of any CF-18 replacement capped at $9 billion.

I would be speechless except that won’t change anything.  I will only comment that spending 9 billion is  better than spending 46 billion, however, in common sense, how many houses could the Canadian government build for the homeless and how about forgiving student debt with that minimum 10 billion that will be spent buying fighter jets!

We are merely little children playing dangerous games here on earth.  The idea of evolution-survival of the fittest- is really just that, an idea made up by the fragile ego of mankind (hmmm…).

With the implementation of LIG (Living Income Guaranteed), which would naturally follow the integration of a basic income,  we eliminate ‘the enemy’ by providing them with what ‘they’ are fighting for;  SURVIVAL!

From a recent `Living Income Guaranteed`blog:  Living Income and Nationalized Resources

This way the corporation = becomes government, the shareholder = the citizen, the profit = the Living Income Guaranteed and you have financially sustainable basic solution to create integrity and to bring about the end of poverty within a country

We all breath the same air, we are all born with nothing on our backs. We all need to eat and we all require shelter equally. We`re just making it up as we go along. Time to stop, re-think, re-design.   WTF,  the ideas of faith and love are just not working out!  I say we stand up together, together we are powerful.  We are 7 billion and that is 7 billion votes that count, to bring about political and economic systems that will reflect true democracy, systems that value life and the right of that life to exist in dignity.

Currently, we are slaves to the elite but we don’t have to be. If you are interested in making a difference and want to change our world now, please investigate at LivingIncome.Me


Let’s continue educating ourselves and the world about the benefits of providing each other the ability to live in dignity.


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